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  About TPE
    On 18th December 2006, the construction and maintenance agreement of TPE was signed at Beijing by 6 telecom companies, i.e. Chunghwa Telecom,China Netcom,China Telecom,China Unicom,Korea Telecom and VerizonBusiness. Afterwards, the procurement contract of TPE was signed by 6 companies and Tyco. It was a symbol of kick-off.The TPE cable network will be put in service on July 2008., which connect landing points in Qingdao, Chongming, Keoje, Tanshui, and Nedonna/Hillsboro. The TPE will be a main link between East Asia and America. The network Administrator of TPE, China Telecom, handle this website, which is designed to deal with capacity allocation and activation within TPE.
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